How many different nationalities live in your city? I guess, there are a lot. How they interact between each other? Do they collaborate and develop the city together?

If yes, your city is probably similar with my favorite one, where I spent ten years of my life. The City of Kazan is the city with two souls. The two souls are two very different nationalities, religions, cultures, which are living there: Russian Orthodox Christians and Tatar Sunni Muslims.

Here you can watch the video, which could make you very good impression about Kazan.

In three parts of this blog you can find the overview of history of Kazan, the reflection of present situation, and my inference of Kazan’s future.

But if your city or local society has problems connected with inter-cultural dialog, you can find some fresh ideas how to make the situation better.

Or maybe after reading you will be inspired to travel to Kazan.

Anyway, thank you for reading this blog, and enjoy the reading!




This blog was written as an assignment for the course 402.431 “Environment, Resources, and Society” in the University of Graz, Austria under the supervision of Professor John Cusick. I am very grateful the Professor for his innovative approach, inspiring ideas, and enthusiasm. Without the course, I would hardly dare to start my own blog.

I am also grateful all my groupmates for their help and advice. Especially Rae Greer, we are a very good team:)


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